PCI Safety Services

PCI Safety Services

With expert insight into L&I inspections, PCI Safety Services helps employers reduce the cost of their Workers' Compensation Insurance.

PCI Safety Services has the strength of 3 former Washington State Labor and Industries Inspectors. Together, they have over 25 years of experience as the lead compliance officers assisting businesses to comply with the Washington Administrative Codes.

PCI Safety Services in the workplace

PCI Safety Services is here to help you make safety a priority in the work place.

PCI Safety Services handles everything including:
  • On-site Safety Assessments (weekly, quarterly, etc.)
  • L&I Compliance Intervention
  • Discretionary Photographic Documentation
  • List of Alleged Hazards and Potential Costs of Citations
  • Regional Appeal Assistance
  • BIIA Appeal Assistance

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PCI Safety Services

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