Inspection Tips

What To Do When Your Jobsite Is Being Inspected

L&I may periodically enter your job site to check for compliance with safety and occupational hazard laws. Compliance officers have the right to inspect, survey, and investigate*.

But, you should know that You Have the Right to Representation**. A representative of the employee or an employee representative authorized by the employees shall be given an opportunity to accompany the inspector. And you are granted up to one hour for your representative to arrive at the site before the inspection begins***.

The following 3 guidelines will save you from a lot of pain later:
  • Say this Quote: “Our company policy is to have our Safety Director here to help with the investigation/ inspection. We are not refusing entry.” Your representative will have one hour to arrive.
  • Stop all work.
  • Do not talk to the inspector and call your Safety Director or a third party representative such as PCI Safety.

When this procedure is followed, you are assured the best possible outcome. Any hazardous working conditions that caught the inspector’s attention will be stopped. You will assure the inspector that you are cooperating fully, but you simply wish to exercise your right to have proper representation during the inspection process. Our team of past Labor and Industries compliance inspectors as well as paralegals will assist in the potential walk around safety and health inspections.

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*Per RCW 49.17.070, CSHOs may enter without delay and at reasonable times any establishment covered under the Act for the purpose of conducting an inspection.
**The owner or management designee has the right to be present during the inspection. The management representative can be the owner, manager, operator, or anyone else the owner designates.
***The inspection will not be delayed unreasonably to await the arrival of the employer representative. This delay will not normally exceed one hour. See also DOSH Compliance Manual from Labor and Industries.