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Claims Management Services

PCI has been reducing Workers' Compensation Costs and helping gain retro refunds for its clients for the last 18 years. As a full-service claims management company, Professional Claims Intervention Services provides the following services to help provide the best value to our clients.

PCI Services Claims Management
Claims Management

PCI Services is here to help with all of our clients' claims management needs. Our claims management services are customized for each of our clients' individualized and specific demands. We help to reduce claims costs and also assist injured workers getting back to the job sooner while saving the employer money.

PCI Services Modified Duties
Modified Duties

PCI Services is here to help get injured workers back to the job and off of workers’ compensation benefits. We will help to reduce the increasing claims costs and prevent them from raising the employer's experience ratings and premiums.

PCI Services Retrospective Insurance & Rate Classifications
Retrospective Insurance & Rate Classifications

PCI Services is here to help reduce the employer’s industrial insurance premiums by lowering the cost of the employer’s workers’ compensation benefits. We are also here to place employers into the lowest possible industrial insurance ratings classifications.

PCI Services Unemployment Claims
Unemployment Claims

PCI Services is here to help in unemployment insurance benefit dispute resolution. We are here to prevent unnecessary lawsuits and unfair benefit claim decisions.

PCI Services Appeals

PCI Services is here to help you file your appeals, mediate the employers case, represent the employer in court hearings, file for reviews, create settlement agreements and manage the entire process along the way to create ease of mind for the employer.

PCI Services Nurse Case Management<
Nurse Case Management

PCI Services nursing staff is here to help assure that the diagnosis is work related, assess the type of care necessary to treat the injury, evaluate medical treatment plans and recommend further steps needed to treat the injury. Our nurses are here to help manage the employee’s treatment and be sure the benefits are fair to the employer.

PCI Services Vocational Services
Vocational Services

PCI Services vocational staff is here to help provide job analyses, occupational assessments, ergonomics assessments and many other programs and processes to your injured workers. Our VRC team also offers return to work and stay at work programs where our staff develops personalized plans toward meeting the employer's and the injured worker's needs. This helps to decrease the time off work and magnify the employer's production.

PCI Services Ergonomic Assessments
Ergonomic Assessments

PCI Services is here to help with ergonomic assessments in the workplace. Ergonomic assessments are available to our clients to assist with the prevention and management of workplace injuries over time. These services include an onsite assessment, compilation of a recommendations report, assistance in implementation recommendations and training on prevention techniques.